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About US

Since 2000, we have been distributing and installing outstanding quality towbars in the local automotive market - specialising in the Homologated towbars supply and installation. Customer satisfaction is our priority in every sale, excellent service provided to our customers resulted to a year to year sale improvement which then motivated us to move forward and so this webshop was created. The believe in giving our customers the best products with the best price made us what we are today - we offer a like to like price match on all products from all leading towbars suppliers in Europe.

Main Aims

Our main aim is to delivery the best towbar with the best price. Seven different towbars manufacturers spread through Europe in one website makes like to like price compare of product and shipping to all Europe destinations in just seconds!!!

Our Customers

We trade to both business to business and business to customers, regardless of whom our customers are they can trust that we will deliver the same outstanding service no matter what are the amounts and frequencies of the order or orders.

Trade Discounts

All motor trades with workshop or mobile are entitled for the discount. The installer form has to be filled up to obtain the discount code. Discounts starts from 20% for customers who order from 1-10 towbars every year and up to 35% for more frequent clients.

Transport and Delivery

Orders before 14:00 are dispatched the same day all deliveries are by courier and with tracking.


We supply most of the European made towbars which include Westfalia, Umbra Rimorchi, Urbeni, Hook, Steinhof, Enganches Aragon and GDW.

Westfalia Towbars

Made in Germany. Quality is a key driver in Westfalia-Automotive’s success. All Westfalia-Automotive products comply with stringent European Regulations and are precision engineered by highly skilled and dedicated employees in state of the art production facilities. All Westfalia-Automotive towbars are designed using the latest 3D Computer Aided Design, this gives great flexibility during the design process. Once a prototype has been developed, it is then tested to the European Type Approval requirements of Directive 94/20EC. Testing is carried out in Westfalia-Automotives own laboratories using servo hydraulic test rigs. In addition to 94/20EC testing, Westfalia-Automotive also have state of the art 3-Dimensional test rigs that allow them to test to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) standards. This highest level of testing is not normally associated with aftermarket products. Westfalia-Automotive’s quality management systems include ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and TS 16949.

Umbra Rimorchi Towbars

Made in Italy, Umbra Rimorchi was founded in 1976 by three partners who started producing trailers and tow bars for cars. After more than 30 years in business Umbra Rimorchi has now one owner and has become a leader in the towbars market. Its products, that count a range of towbars for every car model and commercial vehicle are sold all over Italy and now they are also exported both in Europe and in the rest of the world. Umbra Rimorchi was the first Italian company in its field to be certified with the Quality Certification Iso 9001. The constant improvement in the company’s manufacturing process and its innovation in terms of products have become the key to there success. Umbra Rimorchi uses the most up-to-date technologies. Before producing the towbars it follows a precise procedure. Firstly it designs its products using CAD drawing and solid modelling program. Secondly the structure of every product is verified and it undergoes various types of analysis of the finished elements (FEM models). Finally it proceeds in prototyping. There is constant dialogue between the planning and the production departments and this enables there technicians to create new products and to improve the already existing ones. Umbra Rimorchi main goal is to search for new materials and new manufacturing processes without compromising the strength, reliability and safety of the products. Every prototype undergoes severe testing before being manufactured and are produced according to the EU Regulations. In the last few years Umbra Rimorchi has begun to cooperate with some of the most important research centres throughout Europe with the aim to reach high quality design standards, high quality production and maintain low costs. Umbra Rimorchi plant is of about 6000 square metres and is located in Perugia in the industrial area.

Urbeni Towbars

Made in Spain, URBENI manufactures towbars since the year 1974. URBENI has a wide range of towbars and electrical kits specific for most of the cars, vans apart from the most-advanced universal kit with module in the markets. These are designed in such a way that its installation is easy and quick. Due to the continued growth of URBENI, in 2001 it has moved to the present facilities, currently occupying 16,000 m2 (9,200 built), distributed in different departments which include Administration, Quality, Sales, Export, Technical, Testing Laboratory, Production, Installation and Logistics, All products are designed according to the European Regulation 94/20 EC and manufactured using the most advanced technological systems, this ensures the highest level of safety, quality, service, reliability and total respect for the environment.

Hook Towbars

Made in Czech Republic, it is one of the Czech largest manufacturers of towbars dealing with the development and production of towbars for passenger cars, vans and trucks since 1989. Using vast In-house experience in the field to achieve there main goal, the satisfaction of customers. Towbars produced by HOOK CZ are approved by the European directive 94/20 EC or by the Regulation 55. During the development emphasis is put on both the technical quality of the product and also on the aesthetics of the car. Thanks to the unique forged swan neck tow ball the towball looks awfully. Quality Management System is certified by ISO 9001:2008 and also by the KBA - the German Motor Transport Authority. Quality management system is continuously improving since 2003 to guarantees the best quality of the products with the best possible price.

Steinhof Towbars

Made in Poland. STEINHOF company offers high quality tow bars for cars. The main goal of the company is the constant improving of the quality of the product which is confirmed by the ISO 9001:2008 quality certificate. STEINHOF guarantees the highest durability of every product with the best price possible. STEINHOF is the leader in the industry in Poland, STEINHOF company offers great choice of products including fixed, automatic detachable, semi-automatic detachable as well as mechanical detachable towbar.

Enganches Aragon

Made in Spain. Enganches Aragon manufactures and sells all kind of towbars for cars and commercial vehicles. Enganches Aragon apart from towbars offer a wide range of Specific wiring kits. In 2012 celebrated the 20th anniversary creating the Towcar Brand and expanding to a bigger facility in Zaragoza. In addition, the Chamber of Commerce gave the Export Award 2012 in the category of Medium sized Enterprise. In 2014, Enganches Aragon received the Pilot 2014 Award, recognizing the Excellence in Logistics. This prestigious award notices the improvement in stock management and the delivering efficiency, specialized in the manufacturing of towbars and transport solutions. Enganches Aragon uses high technology measuring in the developing of new hitch models. With the help of a scanner arm each car model can be digitalized obtaining a 3D chassis and bumper of the vehicle to a real scale. The result of the scanner is digitalized and is computed to proceed with the development of the hitch. The design department produces a model of a hitch in 3D, superimposing it onto that scanned from the vehicle with the new design, achieving a perfect fit ensuring an optimal assembly on the vehicle. Subsequently, a real hitch is made and is tested in the three fatigue banks, always with the collaboration, supervision and approval of the official laboratory and ministerial authority. The design department also prepares assembly instructions of each hitch and automotive wiring kits. These instructions are completed with pictograms to facilitate the installation of the towbar.

GDW Towbars

Made in Belgium. GDW was established in 1952 by Germain Deconinck in Waregem and it is from his initials that the brand name originated. The company was taken over in 1996 by the actual owner and is still a family business. That has been the driving force behind its further expansion. The production process has been thoroughly modernised since then. New people have been recruited to help the experienced forces and the company has been given maximum room to grow, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The company has become a group with 5 production units in Western Europe ( Belgium, France, Denmark). Flexibility, quality and service are the goals of the GDW Group since 1952. GDW is headquared in Waregem - Belgium. Development, production and stock are located in a 20.000 m² building. In 2008, a new high-tech production site was built in Mouscron. The site features all of the state-of-the-art technology that the sector has to offer. Laser cutting machines and CNC-machines are loaded by robots which are programmed by high qualified technicians. GDW will continue to build on its technological developments and market growth through other logical expansions. Because as one of the few purely towbar specialists in the world, there aim is to make the difference. In 2007, the French company, Boisnier, was acquired to upgrade the production capacities and to give the best service to all French customers. "Boisnier - GDW France" was born, Boisnier has 2 production sites in France. Both are in the Jura area: The offices and stock are located in Toirette and the main production site is in "Les Avinières", In 2001, the company made its first acquisition in Denmark and GDW Dansk was created to supply the Scandinavian markets.